Tough Times, Being Self-Employed & Drinking Less

It seems that two weeks go by so quickly between blogs.  During the two weeks I always come across something to stir my Drink Less Mind thoughts, whether professionally or personally.

I had a client who came to see me last week who, like many I treat, is a self-employed person.  This client had got himself into a bit of a rut with his drinking.  This came about from the doom and gloom of the recession which was challenging him financially in his professional life, as well as emotionally.

I always say there is a balance between not enough time and having too much time on your hands and for this client too much time meant negative thoughts and feelings were becoming too present in his life.  The way he dealt with this was to go out and drink alcohol.


Tough Times, Being Self-Employed & Drinking Less

This client started to want to go to lunch more than drive his business.  He had created an escape mechanism of going to the pub to alleviate the stresses and strains of his life and unfortunately it was becoming a concern, not just for him but his business partner too.

This is where it becomes tricky; as this client was learning the habit of procrastination and justification for his heavy daytime drinking.  He also had to deal with the negative inner conversations he was having with himself such as ‘I am a loser because I am not generating enough money.  I am a failure etc.’  This highly critical inner conversation was driving him to the lunchtime drinking more and more.

As I explained to my client being self-employed does have great benefits, however sometimes the benefits become the problem such as drinking too much on those quiet days as a way of dealing with the challenges of business life.

My client was in a difficult position.  On one hand he felt good to be out with friends as a way to be busy but on the other hand the heavy drinking was causing a lot of anxiety and depression.

It’s easy for some to just say ‘Why doesn’t he just cut out the lunchtime drinking and sort his life out?’ However this is not always as easy as it seems.

The first thing we needed to do was to train his mind to separate from the true real aspects of his work life that weren’t getting any better and the parts of the business that could be salvaged and worked on with a clear mind.  This is where my work sometimes becomes more of a Life Coach approach along with hypnosis.

My client needed to acknowledge the reason why he was self-employed, was because he did have a successful business mind.  We needed to prove the evidence to him of success, such as the lovely house he has, the supportive wife and the two beautiful children he has and the list went on.   I reminded him, before the recession life was good, and that it will be good again, however in the meantime he needed to build coping mechanisms that kept his busy in a positive way.

We worked on his creative side that resolves problems.  We practiced in hypnosis what it feels like to have quiet times and go into an intuitive space where he could see the situation getting better.  These simple tools gave him the impetus to think outside the box.  This meant that he could see there was more than the option of going to the pub.   He started to learn to separate from self-doubt so he could see the bits of the business to salvage and the bits to let go of.

The logic kicked after listening to the recordings that I made him and over a few weeks he could feel the motivation and enthusiasm come back.

This time he went to the pub to celebrate his clear head and self-confidence and as I said to him this sort of drinking is fine because he was in the right place emotionally and this is what makes the difference.

If you feel or you know of someone who is drowning their recession blues remember it is a habit of thought and that you have the ability to change and drink less alcohol.  I am not suggesting that life is going to instantly improve but I can guarantee an increase in healthy, logical thinking that supports success not a sense of failure, will become more prevalent.

Best Wishes


Written By Georgia Foster