Top Tips To Cut Back On Alcohol In The Evening

My exciting situation at the moment got me thinking about parents and people that come back from work and have a drink or two. This is fine, but sometimes you may feel you want to cut back on alcohol in the evening and this blog is designed to help you think about that.


I am if you didn’t know a well-practised Aussie drinker who lives in London and after having triplet boys 12 weeks ago, I am actually just starting to enjoy a little glass of wine again.  Celebrating my birthday last weekend proved to be a little more wine related than it has been!

I enjoy nothing better than a glass of Sancerre when my partner gets home from work around 7pm and the nights we have a night nanny are the nights I can relax and have some more if I feel like it.

Even my mother-in-law who doesn’t normally drink has been having a glass with me, so I guess that says a lot about looking after triplet baby boys all day!


Tips To Drink Less Alcohol

When It Becomes Time To Cut Back On Alcohol In The Evening

I know a lot of you are ‘stay at home mums’ or even people who go out to work but talk about ‘The Wine O’Clock’ time that kicks in once the kids have gone to bed.  I do understand this and in fact I get it now big time being a new mother myself.  It is always the same theme for me, as for other mothers too, where it is a way to spend adult time where I feel I can be less responsible and more of an individual person rather than a mother.

To anybody who resonates with this blog, you will know that there are times when having wine after the kids have gone to bed seems like the only way to find some sort of reprieve.

Issues Caused By Too Much Alcohol In The Evening

And I can assure you there is nothing wrong with it in principal, however if it starts to creep up too much in quantity there are a number of issues that can become apparent such as:

  • Alcohol related tiredness.  This is caused by fitful sleeping, toxins, REM sleep pattern not being there as long.
  • Anxiety, due to the toxins leaving the body as well as the exhaustion.
  • Feeling angry, this is due to tiredness, as well as the frustration of being angry at yourself for drinking too much and not feeling in control of the drinking.
  • Guilty mother syndrome.  The guilt of wanting to drink to run away from being the responsible mother.

For those of you who are aware that this sort of drinking is causing you concern, I can assure you after being in this ‘drink less’ business for 19 years the issues are common and normal but can be unhelpful to your health and emotional wellbeing.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to run away from life by drinking too much now and again but if it becomes your daily stress management tool, following are some tips to help alleviate the drive to drink when you know you don’t want to and so therefore, help you cut back on alcohol.

Top Tips To Cut Back On Alcohol

As much as it can be challenging, think about doing something different in the evenings once the kids have gone to bed.  For example:

  • If you decide to do computer work such as surfing the net or facebooking and you enjoy a glass or two with this experience, put the glass of alcohol on the other side of the keyboard or in other words, use your non-dominant hand to drink from and the other have a glass of water handy.
  • If you are watching TV, make a conscious effort to put the glass of alcohol down between sips or even better keep putting your glass in another room so you have to keep getting up to drink it.
  • If you decide to not drink at all, prepare yourself in advance by keeping yourself busy, such as reading a book or watching that movie you planned to watch ages ago.
  • Generally people will have a threshold of when it is too late to have a drink, whether it is just after a meal or some say any time after 9pm or 10pm when it feels too late.  Stretch this time out by just doing something different.

The more you do this the more your mind will assume this new behaviour to be true.

I have found just subtle changes in your drinking approach will help you cut back on alcohol.

Keep practising!

Speak soon.


Written By Georgia Foster