Testimonials – What People are Saying About the Georgia Foster Drink Less Mind

"This programme is amazing!! I had been drinking alcohol heavily for all of my adult life. I am now 52 years old and did not think l could regain control of my consumption. I enjoyed drinking alcohol and did not want to give up - but l was aware of all the negativity that my use of alcohol was bringing to my life. The last 21 days have been so enlightening - l have significantly reduced the amount of alcohol l drink and it has not felt difficult - l now have a bag full of tools to support my decision to drink less alcohol in the future. I feel really proud of myself and keep having quiet smiles to myself in recognition of my achievement. I expect that testing and challenging times will occur - but l feel really empowered and confident that l will not return to my old behaviours. This testimonial is 100% genuine and l would encourage anyone who has concerns about their use of alcohol togive this programme a try. In my opinion it is excellent value for money - l've already saved in the cost of alcohol far in excess of the cost of the programme! Thanks Georgia. Your work is brilliant. Julie xx"

"Am amazed at the change in under a month and confident I have the tools to go forward! Liz"

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