Georgia Foster 05 Apr , 2016

Testimonials – What People are Saying About 7 Days to Drink Less

  • “Fantastic program that really works, I’ve been drinking too much for many years. It’s great to find support and gain a positive understanding that’s helped me drink less. Thank you Georgia.” – Sue
  • “Every woman over 50 should listen to this, regardless of drinking habits. It’s a life changer.” – Marie
  • “Hello Georgia, I found your website while googling for self-help books on how to drink less after being inspired by a course in CBT to help with depression. Slightly skeptical I nevertheless decided to give it a go, at that price and with money back guarantee I felt I had nothing to lose. Almost immediately I realized it had been the right decision. Your genuine enthusiasm to help others and your holistic approach made me feel that at last here was someone who really understood what must be a problem for so many people. I have looked forward to your daily e-mails and been consistently impressed. You tackle the underlying causes of what makes people emotionally reliant on alcohol and I tick all your boxes! I didn’t expect to be learning to feel so much better about myself! In the past I have managed to stop drinking altogether for periods of time driven by miserable feelings of guilt but always gradually slipped back into a bad routine which tends to escalate into the situation where I know I’m drinking more than is good for me both physically and mentally, and, as I now realize, the inner critic completely takes over. So at the moment I feel great but will certainly keep listening to your recordings and would like to contact you again in a few months to see if I have been able to keep it up! Thank you so much.” – Anonymous
  • “If you think that your habit of consuming alcohol is causing you trouble, let Georgia underpin the real reason – the way you relate to yourself and the world – your learned coping mechanisms. These can all be transformed by Georgia’s hypnotherapy sessions and restoring your belief in yourself but most of all getting to know the real you and what you need to be the best you, you know.” Anonymous
  • This program is amazing!! I had been drinking alcohol heavily for all of my adult life. I am now 52 years old and did not think l could regain control of my consumption. I enjoyed drinking alcohol and did not want to give up – but l was aware of all the negativity that my use of alcohol was bringing to my life. The last 21 days have been so enlightening – l have significantly reduced the amount of alcohol l drink and it has not felt difficult – l now have a bag full of tools to support my decision to drink less alcohol in the future. I feel really proud of myself and keep having quiet smiles to myself in recognition of my achievement. I expect that testing and challenging times will occur – but l feel really empowered and confident that l will not return to my old behaviors. This testimonial is 100% genuine and l would encourage anyone who has concerns about their use of alcohol to give this program a try. In my opinion it is excellent value for money – l’ve already saved in the cost of alcohol far in excess of the cost of the program! Thanks Georgia. Your work is brilliant. Julie xx” – Julie
  • Am amazed at the change in under a month and confident I have the tools to go forward! Liz” – Liz
  • “The program enabled me to reflect on the reasons for my long-term and often enjoyable relationship with drink. Georgia Foster’s methods encouraging Alcohol Free Days and Alcohol Free Weeks are wholly achievable and positive, without moralizing or judging. Through suggestion and hypnosis she empowers leaving a sense of perspective, positivity and an ability to still enjoy a drink but with a more measured eye. Thanks you. ” – Dominic S