Why Self-Hypnosis is the Perfect Way to Stop Drinking as a Coping Mechanism

As a World leader in hypnotherapy for alcohol, I know the true power of self-hypnosis and 7 Days to Drink Less teaches you my own incredible alcohol hypnosis strategies. Strategies used successfully by tens of thousands of people around the World, people just like you.

hypnosis You may not be consciously aware until now, but hypnosis is a natural state that we all enter many times each day. You cannot go to sleep without this process.

A lot of people I meet say, “I couldn’t possibly be hypnotized.” However, everybody can be hypnotized by themselves or, if you choose, by someone else. The hypnosis state is experienced when we daydream. For example, when we are on a train and we lose memory of the last five stops. . Also, as you drift into sleep you must pass through the hypnotic daydream state. You cannot go to sleep without this process.

As we fall asleep our breathing starts to slow down, our heart rate drops, our circulation slows down as well as our metabolic rate. This process can take approximately 5 to 20 minutes. During this stage we are in hypnosis. During this time we are highly receptive to new learning. It is a very creative time. A lot of new ideas, businesses and inventions have been created during this time.
This is the Perfect State of Mind to be Receptive to Alcohol Hypnosis

It is in this state that you are most susceptible to suggestion and therefore it is in this state of mind that you are best being in to stop yourself drinking so much alcohol.

7 Days to Drink Less provides you with all the tools to reach this state of mind, using my revolutionary alcohol hypnosis strategies, and the techniques needed (including full audio downloads), that will help create the change and teach you how to stop drinking alcohol as a way of coping during day-to-day life.

Dedication, Commitment and the Support of an Expert right now is available to you so you can learn how to drink less alcohol and ensure it no longer has control of you.  Yes, it takes a bit of dedication and commitment but aren’t you worth it? This 7 day program will give you the support you need to alleviate any concerns you have about your drinking.  This is what 7 Days to Drink Less is all about. Providing you with the tools to teach yourself how to cut down drinking, whilst providing excellent, professional support and alcohol hypnosis.

Why 7 Days to Drink Less is Proven to be the Best Hypnotherapy for Alcohol:

  • You are being taught alcohol hypnosis techniques learnt from over 24 years research in the field of alcohol control. I’m so pleased I have a platform to provide you with my truly unique hypnotherapy for alcohol reduction, having supported and helped thousands of clients with alcohol problems over the last two decades.
  • I have taken my time putting 7 Days to Drink Less together to make sure it has the right mixture of techniques, including alcohol hypnosis, needed to show you how to drink less alcohol, build your confidence and live a happy and healthy life.
  • The stop drinking hypnosis tools and techniques that I show you throughout the program have not just been proven to work by me but by the leading experts in the field of alcohol and tens of thousands of people around the World.

By starting 7 Days to Drink Less, YOU will be taking the first step towards a new life – something you should be really proud of, not everyone will make such a positive change. 7 Days to Drink Less is your hypnotherapy for alcohol and by easily teaching yourself my alcohol hypnosis strategies, you can finally take back control of your life.