How to Cut Down on Drinking

Georgia Foster 07 Apr , 2016

How to Cut Down on Drinking

Cutting down on alcohol can be a daunting task. I have had tens of thousands of clients that have come to me wanting to cut down their drinking but not known where and how to start.

I am proud to say, 95% of people who have completed 7 Days to Drink Less have cut down on alcohol significantly.


In 7 Days to Drink Less we cover a number of tips and techniques on how to cut down your drinking, so that you can take control of your life.

Below is a list of just a few of the top techniques I show you throughout the Drink Less Mind:

    • Establishing your Drink Personality
      There are four main character traits that exist in every single one of us, and all enjoy a drink. The Pleaser – The Perfectionist, – The Inner Critic & The Inner Child. Included within the 7 Days to Drink Less is a comprehensive, 47 question, survey that will establish which characteristics exist more frequently in you – once you have identified these you will understand the best course of action in your program and how to cut down on drinking. Throughout the program you’ll then receive techniques on how to control your drinking based on your personality trait or traits.
    • Use Replacement Therapy
      As part of 7 Days to Drink Less you will learn how you can train your brain to cut down on your drinking by alternating your alcoholic drinks with a substitute. But just alternating with the substitute on its own isn’t enough – you’ll learn a simple but highly effective technique, that when applied will help you massively cut down your alcohol intake.
    • Alcohol Free Days
      New Government guidelines are recommending at least two Alcohol Free Days a week, to help aid the recovery of the damage to your health that constant alcohol consumption can create. These Alcohol Free Days are a really crucially important step in your journey to cutting down on your drinking. The Drink Less Mind provides a self-help chart and advice on how to approach alcohol free days as a bonus. If you haven’t had an alcohol free day in years you may feel anxious about this. Please do not worry; 7 Days to Drink Less will train you how to confidently have alcohol free days, irrespective of your past.
    • Self Hypnosis
      Self-hypnosis is something everyone can do provided they understand it. It is also an excellent way of training the mind to cut down on drinking. 7 Days to Drink Less teaches you how to self hypnotize, using my proven alcohol hypnosis techniques and provides you with the hypnotherapy and subliminal audio downloads to help you cut down on your drinking.

This is just a selection of the methods I use in 7 Days to Drink Less to teach you how to cut down on drinking.

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