Have you Developed Alcohol Problems?

7 Days to Drink Less is a proven way to help you with your alcohol problems. You are not alone, millions of people across the World have had a problem with alcohol at one time or another, I should know, I have successfully treated tens of thousands myself. You have made the first, very brave, step in seeking help.


The 7 Days to Drink Less looks closely at the cause of your drinking and what your drink personality type is. Once you understand these factors the programme teaches you to control your drinking using techniques that I have developed from helping clients with alcohol problems over the last twenty years.

7 Days to Drink Less is not for everyone with alcohol problems. If you have a serious health issue related to alcohol or have developed a strong addiction then drinking less is not the answer and you need to seek medical advice as soon as possible.

This program is designed for people that understand they have started to drink too much  and recognize that this is a problem and is effecting aspects of their lives. They want to start drinking less, cut down and enjoy alcohol for what it is.

7 Days to Drink Less has also been known to help with anxiety, weight, sleep and self-esteem.

Read the stories of a selection of people that have successfully completed the program here, what people are saying about 7 Days to Drink Less

If you have noticed that you have started drinking too much and think it is becoming an alcohol problem then the next step is acting on it and my Drink Less Mind is ideal for you to get your life back under control.

Help with alcohol problems is one easy step away!