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Georgia Foster 06 Apr , 2016

How Reducing Alcohol Consumption Significantly is Possible

Reducing alcohol consumption can be hard for anyone, once you start excessive drinking it can easily spiral out of control. 7 Days to Drink Less continues to help thousands of people who are drinking too much alcohol and this is a selection of case study reviews from people who have completed the program.

I regularly receive incredible snapshot testimonials for 7 Days to Drink Less, the case study reviews are from people who have kindly given more background to what reducing alcohol consumption really means to them.

Can You Relate to Any of these People?

johnClare By John Clare
Author, Communications Consultant and ex-journalistIt’s no exaggeration to say that the Georgia Foster Drink Less Mind changed my life. For years I’d been drinking too much. I wasn’t an alcoholic and the drinking never interfered with my work, but I drank every day. In 20 years I don’t think there was a day that I didn’t have a drink. Usually more than one as I was a typical ‘A glass is too much, a bottle’s not enough’ kind of drinker.

In August 2011 I decided to do something about it, after a summer holiday where I was drunk every day, spurred on by too many Happy Hours. I wanted to cut down on drinking, not give up completely. I didn’t know whether this was possible. I found Georgia via Google. When I got to the section introducing the concept of an Alcohol Free Day I took a step back, thinking, ‘A whole day without a drink? This isn’t for me’.

I persevered and within a week I’d had two Alcohol Free Days. When I got to ten Alcohol Free Days in a 14 day period I stopped counting. This in someone who hadn’t gone a day without a drink in 20 years! The combination of the program was just astonishing. I moved on to testing myself in situations where I would normally drink, including long haul flights, industry drinks receptions and end of the week wind-downs. I even went to Old Trafford to watch my beloved Man United hammered 6-1 by Man City…and didn’t have a drink! During this time my marriage broke up. I got through it all without a drink.

It was important for me to break the link and reinvent my relationship with alcohol. I’ve done that now, and I can have a drink when I want to, and leave it alone when I don’t. I can have one glass or two, then stop. This week I’ve had three Alcohol Free Days but I don’t count them anymore. I estimate I’ve reduced my alcohol consumption by about 80%.

I feel fitter and many people have told me I look great. I’ve lost two inches on my waist, just through drinking less. I feel sharper in the mornings. I was always very energetic but I now have even more energy. Despite my marriage break up, life is great…a remarkable testament to Georgia Foster Drink Less Mind.

John Clare


By Anne

Hello Georgia

Having been a heavy drinker for years now, without having any Alcohol Free Days for years – I was worried about my drinking – and of course also in denial about the effects my drinking was having on myself but also my family and husband. I didn’t think I was/ am an alcoholic but did acknowledge to myself that I was certainly a problematic drinker – Always finishing off that bottle of wine, reaching the end of the day and looking forward to that 1st glass of wine and not stopping until the bottle was finished – loving those long lunches we have with friends – that finish into the night holidays etc when lunchtime drinking is also okay and never stopping until the bottle is done and maybe more!

When my daughter accused me recently of being an alcoholic – I was distraught and realized I didn’t want to be the person I had become – I had always had a “minds-eye” of how I wanted to be and behave but didn’t have the courage to make the first step. I found your site whilst looking at information about alcoholics and thought that AA or a Clinic was my only option.

From your first free-trial Day 1 recording – ALL your messages have resonated with me and made perfect sense! I am a capable, motivated person and I have had many ups and downs in my life – as well as had highly responsible jobs and run my own company (which I have recently sold successfully). I realize I have used alcohol for the last 23 years to escape / celebrate / suppress pretty much everything in my life.

The thought of being without alcohol was scary – would I have terrible withdrawal symptoms? Would I be able to sleep?

The Drink Less Mind has been perfect for me. I am having 5-6 Alcohol Free Days days per week and enjoying them. I am sleeping better, eating better, exercise is much more enjoyable, I am losing weight , and feel much, much happier. When I do have a glass of wine, I am enjoying it so much more, sipping and savoring – and not at all inclined to finish the bottle ! I do feel more confident in social and work situations and I am using my “Future minds- eye” to plan ahead. I am attending a family wedding this weekend and I will be the Sober Driver (First time ever! And looking forward to it!)

So thank you Georgia

Kind Regards



By Frances Benge

Hi Georgia,

Thank you so much for this wonderful program.

My dad was an ‘alcoholic’, he had a lot of demons and I thought I was heading the same way. Sadly Dad passed away at the age of 67 and it has been 14 years and I still miss him dearly. I truly wish he had the good fortune to do the Drink Less Mind. His drinking had a sad impact on his family and I was truly worried that I was doing the same to my beautiful teenage daughters.

I hope you can appreciate the good you are doing and the fact that you are changing the future for so many. Georgia, I have become a Georgia Foster ‘junkie’ and still most days get a sense of joy out of listening to your voice.

Take care Georgia,

Warmest regards and gratitude



By Peter

Dear Georgia,

Thank you for this rather unique and helpful program which I have just completed. To begin with, I may perhaps not be considered one of your typical clients. I am a monk, living in a Monastery for over 30 years now. I have developed a drinking addiction and have been drinking whiskey now on a daily basis for around 4 years or so. The quantity has gradually increased over time and has levelled off to 2 tall glasses/day.

I have been going thru a 40 ounce bottle in just 3 days. not only has it become an expensive habit/addiction but also a very humiliating one at that. Since Monks are supposed to be very mortified and self-controlled people. I have been buying the whiskey clandestinely obviously and with un-accounted for cash. I’ve been having a nip before noon, and then a more generous helping at the end of work in the after noon. Though never becoming incoherent, I still was getting quite intoxicated while being able to hide it all. Yes, its all done in secret, and none of the other brethren seem to know of my addiction. My evenings are basically ruined , in that I become quite buzzed and sleepy, and ended up going to bed earlier than the others(around 7pm) thus missing our last evening prayer service in common in the Chapel at 7:40pm.

I would go to sleep quickly, than wake up at around midnight, incapable of falling back to sleep, and simply rolling from side to side , waiting for my alarm to ring at 2:30am, 7 days a week, to thus arise and go do the milking of our herd of dairy cows(I am Farm manager) In the early morning hours, while rolling from side to side in bed, and also during my barn chores, my conscience wreaks havoc within me and I kick myself, and kick myself…all the time trying desperately to remember what happened the evening before and hoping that I did not do anything foolish, nor send indiscreet or dissipated emails or FB messages. Which sometimes would happen. This is very deep material, and I have never shared this with anyone to date. I thus trust in your discretion, Georgia.

The last few months I have been thinking and praying for solutions, for I was also worried for my health too. I was never convinced i was a real alcoholic and wasn’t sure of what a Real one was. Finally about a month ago, I said to myself, maybe AA has something on-line, I could join, and follow, without going to meetings, etc, since that would be a killer for me….the meetings, often in the evenings, and we retire very early here at the Monastery, and then the limelight…all would be noticed eventually. So I basically wanted an on-line, confidential/discreet type of program, and when Google gave me this list of sites to check-out, I saw this rather curious looking Drink Less Mind thing, and said Hmm…lets give it a whirl. And so I did, and don’t regret it.

Thanks to you Georgia and your very basic and practical approach, I have halved my daily whiskey consumption, am sleeping better, am more productive in the evenings, can remember what happened the preceding evenings when I awake, without kicking myself. I now feel more self-esteem and do NOT want to backtrack and return to that large quantity of daily alcohol consumption. One thing I was wary with about the AA was their radical approach towards zero consumption and ONLY Zero.

I always saw myself as someone capable of having a little booze and not making a big issue out of it. And your program underlines this aspect well. Yes, have a drink or two…..but cut back nonetheless on your daily private consumption. I like this. Its holistic and full of common sense, and you don’t put every one into the common mold of “alcoholic”. So then, Gracias!! and by the way, you have the perfect hypnotic voice: soft, clear, and the lovely Cockney accent !!! Cheers, and keep up the good work !!”