Do you need to cut back or stop drinking?

The question for many people who are worried about their drinking is whether they need to stop drinking or whether they are able to reduce successfully.

That nagging feeling that perhaps ‘I am that person who just can’t seem to drink less like other people and maybe I should just stop’ can cause undue anxiety and stress and ironically drive people to drink more.

If this is a familiar conversation you have with yourself, then I would like to introduce you to my special work that will alleviate your drinking concerns.

I find that often the reasons behind the fear or the perception that drinking less will be difficult or will be near if not impossible, is being generated by what I call ‘The Radio Crazy’ Syndrome. Some people may not realise it but how they talk to themselves, along with their unhelpful drinking history, will hinder any hint of success.

This ‘Radio Crazy’ Syndrome is a habit that can be unlearnt.  So, if you are worried about what you drink, the chances of having this negative syndrome will be high.

Underpinning this syndrome is anxiety, fear and self doubt that is driven by the ‘Inner Critic’; the part within us that makes us feel scared and ill prepared for positive change.  The Inner Critic will say things such as ‘You can’t drink less, look at your past!’; ‘You said you would drink less but every time you do you fail’; ‘What is the point in trying to drink less when you know everyone around you thinks you can’t either?’

The Inner Critic is the driver to drinking in unhelpful ways.  It is the catalyst for self sabotaging and it will hinder best made plans to improve thinking, feelings and healthier behaviour.

What the neuroscientists have acknowledged is that when people drink alcohol the critical part of the mind shuts down.  People don’t realise that actually they are not ‘hooked’ on alcohol but rather they are ‘hooked’ into the negative part of the brain going away!

Imagine rather than ‘Radio Crazy’ about drinking less you could tune into ‘Classic FM’ and feel safer in your sober world, so you don’t need to escape into alcohol to feel better and more confident?

The good news is you can and it’s only 7 days away.

The Drink Less Mind is an on-line program that helps people learn how to reduce their alcohol consumption on a deeper level.  It is not about abstaining but rather understanding what the emotional drive to drink is in unhelpful ways. It could be that someone is shy, or feels under confident socially and needs to drink to be confident. It could be that they have anxieties and need a few drinks to feel calm and safe.  Whatever the reasons for drinking too much, for those who are secretly concerned, most of the time has nothing to do with having fun.

Through my program the individual learns how to silence the Inner Critic voice and train the brain to learn how to be more positive and confident.

Your mind is an amazing tool.  Irrespective of your past, the neuroscientists confirm that you can change your unhelpful thinking habits to be more positive and my special approach has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of doing this.