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Georgia Foster 05 Apr , 2016

You can learn how to stop drinking alcohol as a coping mechanism

When I wanted to learn how to stop drinking alcohol, everyone told me to do this I must focus on giving up alcohol completely. I genuinely enjoy a drink and I was sure there was another way, so I created a healthy, rewarding alternative and I’m proud to say, it has become a revelation!

I used to be a heavy drinker but have spent the last twenty years successfully changing the lives of thousands of people who thought their only option was to quit alcohol completely.

Using my methods they now know how to stop drinking alcohol as a way of coping with everyday life.

A bit of history of a past heavy drinker, myself:

I am an Australian who has lived in London since 1994. When I came to Britain I noticed many people drank a lot of alcohol. I was also aware that I could relate to heavy drinking because Australians are very good at it too!

I used to drink a lot because I was shy and never felt good enough.

My weight fluctuated dramatically and it wasn’t just food that was causing the weight gain it was also a lot of red wine! I was known as the girl you go out with when you want to drink a lot! But I had to take control and learn how to stop drinking alcohol so much.

Previously in 1992 I traveled to California where I trained in a psychology theory that revolutionized my thinking and my drinking dramatically! Don’t get me wrong, I still like a drink and I occasionally have a hangover, but my regular drinking is much less. I learnt that actually giving up alcohol was not for me and this was the first real steps to the Drink Less Mind.

When I came to London I trained to be a hypnotherapist and I started to combine my psychology training with alcohol hypnosis and my clients were getting incredible results.

People from all walks of life were coming to see me about stress, anxiety and self-esteem issues and I noticed with all of these clients that they had one thing in common: They were all secretly worried about their drinking habit and how they were going to stop drinking alcohol.

Normal people just like you and me drink too much too!

My clients are people just like you and me who hold down responsible jobs, who are parents, singletons, homemakers, you name it, and all of them are very conscious of their over-consumption of alcohol.

They would often say to me ‘Georgia at the end of my day I am exhausted and all I want to do is open that bottle of wine as my treat but I am starting to notice that the bottle is creeping into another glass after that and now I notice my capacity to drink a lot more is becoming a habit!’

As I explain in the Drink Less Mind program, your brain and body get used to consuming alcohol, so it is no surprise that the quantity goes up over a period of time, without you being totally aware of it.

I could go on forever about the stories I hear about how people feel guilty, ashamed and criticize themselves for not having more self-control and for not teaching themselves how to stop drinking so much.

This is in itself part of the problem “ people lose trust in themselves because they get caught up in the guilt and fear about drinking too much and then, of course, it drives them to drink more to run away from the fear.

Why I created The Drink Less Mind

I decided to write The Drink Less Mind six years ago, which at the time was rejected by all the publishing houses in the UK. They said it was too taboo and that my approach was too radical! I was not telling people how to stop drinking alcohol completely and actually saying ‘it is ok to have a drink!’

So I decided to self publish it because I knew how many people needed my help. Since then I have been approached by three big publishing houses to buy The Drink Less Mind and I said no! Why? Because they didn’t want me to develop an on-line program. They wanted to keep all the money!

I want no restrictions so that I can spread the word in as many ways as possible and the Drink Less Mind 7 Day Program is now so successful because I do understand why people drink more than they want to

Remember, it is not your drinking that is the problem; it’s your thinking

Once you create the mind shift that is needed you will become more confident with drinking and notice that you don’t need as much alcohol emotionally. The Drink Less Mind will show you how this is possible and set you on the road to a more happy, peaceful you.

Giving up alcohol all together all together is important if you have been diagnosed an alcoholic or have liver or dangerous health problems caused by alcohol. For people who enjoy a drink but are losing control, the Drink Less Mind is the perfect way to learn how to stop drinking alcohol as a coping mechanism and take back control over your life.