7 Reasons Why You Are Drinking Too Much Alcohol

For one reason or another, you have become conscious that you are drinking too much alcohol and you need to start to take control before it becomes more of a problem. I have treated thousands of people who admit, ‘I drink too much’ and there are generally seven reasons they start the Drink Less Mind programme.


I have compiled this list of most frequent reasons for drinking too much alcohol and if you identify with one or more, then the Drink Less Mind will definitely benefit you:

  • Family
    Many people drink too much to escape a difficult family life or to avoid responsibility within family situations. The Drink Less Mind will show you how to handle this type of situation, and improve not only your own life but those around you.


  • Active Social LifeWhether it is regular lunches with friends or nights out, many people come to me saying that they have such an active social life it inevitably leads to drinking too much alcohol. The constant hangovers, worry about the night before and general lows that come from excessive drinking can cause a huge range of emotions and lead to a loss of control around alcohol. It is possible to have an active life yet remain fully in control – others do it – so can you and the Drink Less Mind can show you how


  • Peer Pressure You may have found that when in social situations, all your friends drink too much alcohol and it is expected that you do too. Many people when faced with this end up giving in to peer pressure to avoid feeling left out of the group. The Drink Less Mind teaches you how to build your self esteem and how to control situations that lead to this type of peer pressure.


  • Routine
    Drinking too much alcohol can become a routine rather quickly. When one glass a night turns into one bottle and even more, tolerance can play a part. Probably the easiest issue to take control of – there are 6 simple things you can do to help break that routine.testimonials-banner


  • Reward & RelaxHow many times have you done something good or achieved something and to reward yourself you have a drink or two? Maybe the thought of a drink after a hard day’s work has become something of a routine that you are starting to worry about? Now you may be in the situation that you are admitting to yourself, ‘I drink too much’. There are plenty of ways to relax, alcohol is one but there are many others for you to try – some even fun!


  • Work AvoidanceThis is one of the most common reasons people start drinking too much alcohol. Whether housework or work commitments, many people drink to avoid the mundane or ‘put off’ the difficult. All of a sudden, a cheeky drink can turn into real alcohol problems.


  • Get over a HangoverAs bizarre as it sounds, getting over a hangover is a very common reason for drinking too much alcohol. Do you ever feel a bit rough in the morning and see alcohol as a cure? This massively reduces the amount of alcohol free days you are likely to achieve, something that is focused on fully during the Drink Less Mind.