Alcohol Free

Georgia Foster 07 Apr , 2016

Struggle with Alcohol Free Days?

Now You don’t have to, with the Alcohol Free Days Mini Program inside your 7 Day Purchase!

Free with the revolutionary Drink Less Mind 7 Day Program, I will teach you how to introduce and cope with alcohol free days.

Many people over the years have come to see me because they just can’t seem to have
Alcohol Free Days (AFDs). They truly want to but it seems the challenges of life get in the way.

People say to me; ‘Georgia I have great plans in the morning after waking with a bit of a hangover and promise myself I won’t drink tonight but by the end of the day I am gagging for a drink and lose my resolve. I get so frustrated with myself and feel I have no self-control.’


The good news is, if you have been struggling to have Alcohol Free Days, or what I call AFD’s,then this program is for you!

This is a powerful mind training program that eases the anxiety and self doubt about your ability to have AFD’s.

Irrespective of your past thoughts about the difficulties of Alcohol Free Days you can train your mind to have them easily and comfortably.

The reason why it has been challenging for you to have Alcohol Free Days is because you have trained your brain to use alcohol as a way to relax, to calm down or to de-stress from the strains of everyday life.

Alcohol has become an emotional habit. It is assumed to be a way to deal with life. Some people may say if you can’t have Alcohol Free Days you have a drink problem. I disagree! The drink is not the problem – it is your thinking that is the catalyst to drinking every day.


The first AFD might be challenging in many different ways such as:

  • Negative thinking about your inability to have AFD’s
  • Sleep can be difficult in particular if you have been drinking heavily
  • Finding things to do to keep yourself busy
  • Feeling anxious and tetchy
  • Feeling angry with yourself that it seems difficult to have AFD’s like other people

These and many other thoughts can inhibit your confidence to have AFD’s but I can assure you that it is possible.

As it is a downloadable audio file, you can listen to the recording lying or sitting somewhere comfortable, somewhere you are warm and safe to drift away.

My suggestion is to listen to this recording when you get home from work or when you normally would have your first drink. This will break the state of thought and direct your mind and body to be calmer and more relaxed.

One of the triggers to drinking every day is underlying anxiety and stress so the recording will help ease this and train your mind to think of other things apart from alcohol that calms you down.

Enjoy training your mind to have Alcohol Free Days.

Warm regards,