Georgia Foster 05 Apr , 2016

Drinking Too Much? Maybe You Don’t Need To Stop?

Discover How to Drink Less Alcohol with The Drink Less Mind Program; 7 Days to Drink Less

Your worried that alcohol is starting to take control of your life!

Are you searching for the right way to learn how to drink less?

YES! The Drink Less Mind program 7 Days to Drink Less is perfect for you!

A completely unique program, there is nothing else like it in the world and it is proven to significantly reduce the amount of alcohol you drink.

Hello, I’m Georgia Foster and welcome to my website.

I have created the Drink Less Mind program 7 Days to Drink Less to help you take back control of over alcohol, drink less and start to enjoy life.  I am a world-renowned leader in the field of alcohol reduction and have the privilege of changing tens of thousands of people’s lives over the past 24 years.  The Drink Less Mind is a proven, successful online, fully downloadable course that offers a completely private alternative to expensive therapy and awkward group meetings.  Have a read below of what people who have completed the program are saying are the real benefits of The Drink Less Mind 7 day program.

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I am so confident this program is right for you, that I have made it Risk Free by including a 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

21 REAL Benefits of the Drink Less Mind

Taken from testimonials provided by people who have completed the Drink Less Mind 7 day program

  1. Naturally and easily drink less alcohol
  2. Get your life back to a happier and healthier state
  3. No longer plan your day around your first drink
  4. Lose weight
  5. Change your mind-set to be free to drink when you want to
  6. Risk nothing because of my Money Back Guarantee
  7. Stop ‘secret’ drinking
  8. Stop ‘sneaky’ drinking
  9. Sleep better
  10. Become more relaxed and social without a glass in your hand
  11. That extra drink doesn’t lead to the next bottle
  12. Help rebuild important relationships in your life
  13. Discover inner trust and calm in your sober life
  14. Noticing the internal bell rings to stop drinking and you do
  15. Increase natural motivation
  16. Improve self-esteem
  17. Improve sober sexual confidence
  18. Notice other people drink more than you (and it feels good!)